Elevate Your Expertise with  In-Person Specialty Classes

Clean Care’s specialty classes are meticulously designed to elevate your knowledge and expertise in the restoration industry, providing you with the skills and confidence to tackle complex challenges and excel in your field.

In-Person Specialty Classes

Advanced Containment Class 

Join us as we begin a 2-day, Advanced Containment Class. This comprehensive, hands-on class will take a deep dive into the art of containment building when the project requires a higher level of containment than zip poles and tape. Students will explore various methodologies and construction materials as they construct temporary walls and barriers, mimicking various real-life job scenarios encountered during the course of the day.

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Desiccant Boot Camp

Join us as we begin a 2-day “Desiccant/Generator Boot Camp” course led by Dan Boot of Garrett McKenzie, Inc. This intensive session is tailored for experienced water damage professionals seeking to enhance their skills. Delve into hands-on training focusing on critical areas such as pre-start-up checks, ducting system setup, generator operations, troubleshooting, and electrical distribution. By the end of the course, participants will gain comprehensive skills to efficiently manage water damage restoration projects and confidently handle complex scenarios.

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