The Art of Drying: Practical Psychrometry 1.1

With the publication of IICRC S500 (Water Restoration Standard) in 1995, the water restoration industry began a rapid expansion in technology. With new procedures and techniques for restorative drying, liability for failing to follow industry standards has increased dramatically. Many restoration contractors have found themselves behind the technology curve and are struggling to keep up with current changes. That’s where “The Art of Drying” comes in. This dynamic new web-based training program covers the 4 principles of drying in detail. Then, it takes the mystery out of the critical subject of psychrometry in a progressive, easy-to-understand format.


The step-by-step format, with plenty of pictures to illustrate, leads you through discussions of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, specific humidity (grains) and vapor pressure and the part each plays in the drying process. You’ll learn drying techniques that cut a day or more off the average drying job, while increasing company profitability. The Art of Drying: Practical Psychrometry is excellent preparation for the IICRC-approved Water Restoration Course, or for one of the industry’s new Hands-on Drying Courses.  Excellent for new technician training! Qualifies for 2 IICRC CECs.

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