Principles and Methods of Carpet Cleaning 1.1

Clean Care Restoration Academy is proud to announce the first of its home training programs entitled, Principles and Methods of Carpet Cleaning. This comprehensive self-paced alternative training program is based on our two chapters book, Cleaning Principles and Carpet Cleaning Methods. The program is divided into 11 self-paced training modules, and it qualifies for 14 credit hours. The web-based training program was written by 30-year cleaning/restoration author and instructor, Jeff Bishop, Administrator of Clean Care Seminars, now Clean Care Restoration Academy.


Principles and Carpet Cleaning Methods is based on Jeff Bishop’s popular two-volume book series, More Answers Than You Have Questions, Volumes I (the Product) and II (the Procedures). Within the 57 modules of the book, the course includes 75 photos to illustrate concepts. At the end of each module, the student must answer a comprehensive quiz to test knowledge retention. Eighty percent is required to pass the self-paced course.

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