CRIS Glossary




Cleaning, Restoration, Inspection, and Safety (Cris) Glossary – At last! A comprehensive glossary designed especially for the professional cleaning and restoration industry. After three years the staff of Clean Care Seminars has produced a comprehensive reference glossary condensed from 20 books and course manuals on Cleaning, Restoration, Inspection, and Safety (CRIS).

The CRIS Glossary is essential for several groups of professionals in our industry: Carpet inspectors need it to locate proper spelling and accurate definitions for words used in reports to fiber producers, carpet mills and dealers, and consumers. Industry magazine editors and writers can verify terms used in articles on which their credibility is based. Industry instructors should find this volume essential to ensure accuracy in teaching and writing. Moreover, every company owner or manager should have a copy to use as a desk reference when interpreting material safety data sheets (MSDS), in OSHA compliance, in ensuring accuracy in-company training programs, and in communications with the consuming public. Included is a list of common industry acronyms and abbreviations, along with a metric and temperature conversion chart.

CRIS Glossary includes terminology for: carpet, upholstery, leather, drapery, fiber, fabric, dyeing, spotting, fire and water restoration, deodorization, resilient flooring, chemical, HAZMAT, HVAC, construction, safety, insurance, and much more!

In short, the CRIS Glossary is an essential educational tool that produces higher levels of professionalism for you and your company. It’s economical and easy to use. Fill out our order form, or all 800-455-4278 for additional information and to reserve your copy.