Fire’s Out, Now What? Vol. I & II


Fire’s Out! Now What? (Volume I and II) is a comprehensive 2-volume set tailored for owners and managers in the restoration industry. Volume I focuses on organization, management, personnel, and insurance basics, providing practical insights to streamline operations and avoid costly mistakes. Volume II delves into marketing strategies, sales tactics, and customer service techniques to attract and retain clients effectively. With decades of refined expertise distilled into these volumes, this set serves as an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced professionals seeking to optimize their restoration business practices and achieve sustainable growth.

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Highlights of this book include:

Volume I:

  1. Organization and management strategies tailored for restoration companies.
  2. Tips for company growth and diversification without causing chaos.
  3. Guidance on finding and compensating skilled personnel.
  4. Insights into subcontracting: advantages, disadvantages, and agreements.
  5. Understanding insurance policy basics and liability avoidance.
  6. Establishing a fail-safe, 24-hour emergency response system.
  7. Necessary facilities, vehicles, chemicals, and equipment for a restoration firm.
  8. Detailed paperwork requirements including job scopes, estimates, and support documents.

Volume II:

  1. Marketing strategies for disaster restoration services targeting various sources of business.
  2. Specifics on an 8-phase restoration marketing program with sample materials.
  3. Guidelines for effective phone procedures to make a positive first impression.
  4. Detailed instructions for organized damage surveys and mitigation services.
  5. Pricing strategies, including creating pricing guides and checklists.
  6. Job setting and finalizing procedures, including preplanning and move-outs.
  7. Tips for managing cash flow effectively to avoid financial crises.

These volumes provide comprehensive guidance for owners and managers in the restoration industry, offering insights into organizational management, marketing, customer relations, pricing, and financial management.

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