Specialized Carpet Spotting




Yet another industry exclusive from Clean Care for carpet inspectors and professional cleaners! Here’s what’s included.

We start with definitions, spotting concepts, and the all-important principles. We move on to fibers, their spotting characteristics, and performance. From there we discuss how carpet and fabric construction effects spotting.

We cover spot identification and composition carefully, followed by the 5 spotting principles, which were developed exclusively by Clean Care after years of research. We even throw in a guaranteed, sure-fire “6th method” for removing any stain from carpet! Got that, guaranteed! (Repair kit handy?)

We’ll discuss all the equipment and tools included in a complete spotting kit, followed by all the basic spotting agents (dry-side, wet-side, digester) required to remove most spots. For persistent spots, we include a chapter on special-agent spotters (rust and stain removers, reducers, oxidizers), along with use precautions.

An entire chapter is devoted to classifying spots into 1 of 7 categories: light oils, dried oils, synthetic resins, tannin, protein, color-added stains, and rust. Then, we list step-by-step procedures for best results. We include a listing of 175 common products, along with their ingredients and removal category, to help you understand the fastest, most efficient way to get results.

For carpet inspectors and cleaners alike, the chapter on mysterious discolorations is worth its weight in gold! It helps you explain where all those unknown stains and discolorations come from, and what you can or can’t do about it.

At the end of each chapter, we include Comprehension Quizzes. Use them to test your knowledge retention or to prepare for certification courses. If you’re an owner or manager, you can use the book and quizzes for your own company training program, saving you thousand in preparation costs.