Specialized Carpet Spotting


Specialized Carpet Spotting is an industry-exclusive guide tailored for carpet inspectors and professional cleaners. It covers essential topics such as spotting principles, fiber characteristics, and equipment requirements, providing practical insights into effective stain removal techniques. With comprehensive classifications for different types of spots and step-by-step procedures for optimal results, this book serves as a valuable resource for both novice and experienced professionals in the cleaning industry. Additionally, included comprehension quizzes enable readers to test their knowledge retention and prepare for certification courses, making it an essential addition to any company training program.

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Highlights of this book include:

  1. Comprehensive coverage of spotting principles, fiber characteristics, and carpet construction effects.
  2. Introduction to the five spotting principles developed exclusively by Clean Care, with an additional “6th method” for guaranteed stain removal.
  3. Detailed discussion on essential equipment and tools required for effective spotting, including both basic and special-agent spotters.
  4. Classification of spots into seven categories, along with step-by-step procedures for optimal removal results.
  5. In-depth exploration of mysterious discolorations, providing insights into their origins and potential remedies.
  6. Each chapter includes comprehension quizzes for testing knowledge retention and preparation for certification courses.
  7. Valuable resource for carpet inspectors, professional cleaners, and company training programs, offering practical insights and techniques for effective carpet spotting.

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