Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Part I – Management & Marketing




Probably the hottest segment of the restoration service business today is water restoration. Since IICRC S500 was first published in 1995, there has been an explosion of information on water restoration work. In fact, many firms are beginning to specialize in water restoration only – no fire.

“So what’s that have to do with Water Damage:  Mitigation &  Restoration, Part I?” you ask Well, read on and we’ll let you decide.

This 177-page illustrated Water Restoration Management Book covers virtually everything owners and managers need to know about establishing and operating a water restoration business. It includes: Getting organized – establishing a separate diversification, getting the people. Principles, Categories, and Classes – 4 principles, 3 categories, 4 classes of water damage – all the new IICRC consensus standards. Equipment, Supplies – Descriptions, formulae, standards for air mover and dehumidifier usage and control; inspections and record keeping. Complete load lists. Biocides- Types, when to apply and when not to; ACGIH specifications. Forms and Paperwork – All the forms to protect your company and track the loss: Daily Humidity and Structural Material MC Record; Waver of Responsibility; Technician Checklist for Category 1-3 water losses; Work Order, Description Sheets, Completion Certificate. Rapid Response – Psychological and physical damage; setting up a 24-hour fail-safe response. Marketing – A complete 7-phase marketing program that works! Includes direct contact, printed materials, specialty advertising items, contact letters, direct mail, educational seminars, and others. Initial Contact- phone procedures designed to jump-start the claim, limit liability, increase productivity. Inspection Procedures – Inspection kits, consumer questions and how to answer them; client briefings, proper authorization – a complete inspection sequence! Pricing – Pricing Philosophy (unit, flat-rate, time and materials); complete pricing checklist with explanations for agents, adjusters; side-by-side comparison for in-place drying, versus pad replacement versus carpet and pad replacement; group pricing for area-wide flooding – a $5000 estimate in 5 minutes! Major Flooding – Marketing your services when there’s no insurance coverage.

“Flood Damage Restoration – Part I”  answers all your questions about organizing, managing, marketing, and pricing water restoration services. An invaluable resource for serious water restoration contractors. Revised in 2009. Get yours today!