Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Part II – Technical Procedures


Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Part II is a technical guide for field technicians involved in water restoration work. It covers essential topics such as drying principles, equipment usage, biocides, mold remediation, and specific procedures for various water damage scenarios. The book serves as a comprehensive training resource, ensuring adherence to industry standards and minimizing liability risks.



Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Part II – Technical Procedures” is the go-to resource for field technicians tasked with processing water losses. This book, previously known as Flood Damage, Part I & II, focuses on the technical aspects of water restoration work. Here’s a brief summary:

  1. Preparations and Principles of Drying: Covers vehicle maintenance schedules, load lists, and the principles of drying according to IICRC standards.
  2. Psychrometry: Provides step-by-step instructions to interpret psychrometric measurements for effective drying.
  3. Equipment and Supplies: Describes equipment, formulae, and usage standards for air movers and dehumidifiers, along with record-keeping forms.
  4. Biocides and Microorganisms: Discusses biocide types, application guidelines, and the basics of microorganisms and mold exposure.
  5. Ozone Use and Asbestos Abatement: Covers the role of ozone gas and regulations regarding asbestos-containing materials.
  6. Initial Contact and Inspection Procedures: Outlines phone procedures, inspection kits, and authorization protocols.
  7. Standard Procedures and Specific Situations: Details step-by-step procedures for various water damage scenarios, including carpet drying and wall drying.
  8. Unsanitary Water Losses and Area-wide Flooding: Addresses handling Category 3 or sewage damage claims and assisting communities during major flooding events.
  9. Crawlspaces: Provides techniques for crawlspace drying using natural bioremediation methods.

“Water Damage: Mitigation & Restoration – Part II” serves as a comprehensive training course for water restoration technicians, ensuring adherence to state-of-the-art procedures and minimizing liability risks. Comprehension quizzes at the end of each chapter facilitate knowledge retention and prepare technicians for certification programs like IICRC WRT and ASD.

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